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A few months ago, my IT team was in a real bind. We needed to find a candidate to fill a position FAST, but we needed someone with a specific skill set and level of experience. We were certain it was an impossible task, but JenCor was able to find us someone perfect for the position in just three days! I am so impressed by how well JenCor found us someone who had the qualifications we asked for and who was also a great fit with our team’s culture. I highly recommend contacting JenCor the next time you need to hire a new employee!
The Process Is Simple.
  • We Listen

    You and your staff provide us with details about the experience, skills, and traits that are required to fill the available position.

  • We Customize

    Candidates are screened to determine a range of technical capabilities and attributes tailored to your staff’s specific needs.

  • We Evaluate

    Once we’ve narrowed down our search to the most qualified applicants, we determine which candidates are the best overall fit.

  • We Deliver

    We present you with the best available blue chip candidates, meeting your specifications and filling the position.

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