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Direct Hire & Temporary Staffing Solutions

JenCor offers two simple hiring options: direct hire and temporary staffing. Though both options can be beneficial, deciding which option is right for you depends on your company’s needs and goals.

Direct Hire

Direct hire is ideal for companies looking for long-term employees to fill an available position. Usually these positions are permanent, full-time, and offer full benefits. Though JenCor would handle the recruitment process, once the hiring process is complete, the candidate would go directly onto your company’s payroll like any other employee.

Under a direct hire agreement, JenCor will perform a tailored search for your company, screening applicants for technical capabilities, personal traits, and overall fit for your group. We’ll provide more than one candidate if desired. You pay nothing unless you make the decision to hire the candidate(s) we provide for you. Under our Direct Hire Guarantee, you pay nothing if the candidate leaves or is let go within 30 days of hire. Your company only pays upon completion of the 60-day assessment.

The terms of our direct hire services can be negotiated and customized to meet your needs. To learn more or discuss how our direct hire services can benefit your business, contact us online or call us today at 240-498-4898.

Temporary Staffing

Temporary staffing is a great solution for companies that experience fluctuating demands in workloads, anticipate large all-hands-on-deck projects, or have shorter term needs like a leave of absence. Usually, temporary staffing positions have a general end date. Under this type of agreement, JenCor hires the candidate and provides them to you as contractors. As part of the JenCor contract hiring process, we will still perform a personalized search for your company, finding applicants with the specific experience and attributes to fit your needs. We’ll only hire the candidate after receiving your approval, based on the application materials, phone interview, a face-to-face interview, or a combination of all three.. Your payment to JenCor will be the contract cost (i.e., an hourly bill rate for hours the contractor works or a fixed dollar amount based on the project scope) agreed upon for the position. As the “employer,” JenCor will assume all human resources responsibilities and will cover all employer payroll costs and fringe benefits while the contactor is a W-2 employee of JenCor.

Why Choose JenCor for Your Temporary Staffing or Direct Hire Needs?

Hiring a contractor from JenCor is a great way to expand your business without overloading your current staff and capital budgets. We can find and place the key hires you need to help your business succeed! We can even establish an entire team around a specific capability, if that’s what your company needs. Our expert recruitment and screening processes ensure that we find the very best people with the skill sets and experience that make them the ideal fit for your specific needs. We do what many human resources departments are unable to: we find and hire the very best candidates for the job quickly. When you call JenCor, we’ll find the right people to fill your position within five days. Guaranteed. To learn more about JenCor’s temporary staffing solutions, contact us online or call us today at 240-498-4898.
A few months ago, my IT team was in a real bind. We needed to find a candidate to fill a position FAST, but we needed someone with a specific skill set and level of experience. We were certain it was an impossible task, but JenCor was able to find us someone perfect for the position in just three days! I am so impressed by how well JenCor found us someone who had the qualifications we asked for and who was also a great fit with our team’s culture. I highly recommend contacting JenCor the next time you need to hire a new employee!
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