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Why Choose JenCor for Customized Staffing Solutions?

Any staffing solutions company will tell you that they can get you the best candidates in a short period of time. So, what sets Jencor apart?

We Find You the Right People Faster

We have been in the staffing business for over a decade, and in that time, we have learned how to use our intuition and technical skills to track and find great candidates faster than other staffing companies are able to. We’ll find you a blue chip candidate for the available position at your company within three days or less—guaranteed.

Each of our recruiters is experienced in IT and has full decision making authority. We want to cut the red tape for you and get you started, which is why we make our three-day guarantee.

We will identify a blue chip candidate for your positions in the first two days after meeting with you. By day three, we will have completed vetting and have the candidate(s) set up for interviews with your company.

If your company is one that can move quickly when it comes to the hiring process, then you will have a new member on your staff in roughly one week. That’s the JenCor difference.

We Know the IT Staffing Industry

Jencor was founded in 2010 by Steve Corsini. Steve founded JenCor following a stellar career in recruiting at a staffing start-up company, after serving as Vice President of Business Development for IT Excel. He helped the start-up grow residual telecommunications, cable, IT, and networking account contract revenues from nothing to more than $8 million in just four years. He managed millions in total annual revenue from directly sourced and managed placements within the IT industry. Steve continues to serve as JenCor’s primary recruiter, though he has passed his institutional knowledge down to an experienced staff of skilled recruiters. Jencor is a young, growing, and vibrant company with the right combination of industry experience and youthful exuberance. You won’t find another company that has the same amount of cumulative experience in the IT staffing industry! The JenCor staff’s knowledge and experience in the field is precisely what allows the company to guarantee our clients blue chip candidates in three days or less. Our recruiters know what they’re doing and know how to find you exactly the candidate you need for the specific position you’re looking to fill.

We Find Talent, Not Temps

JenCor uses the individual service approach.  We know that no two positions are exactly alike, which is why the first step in our process is to listen intently to exactly what you and your staff are looking for in the ideal candidate. We listen to what specific experience, skills, and traits are required to fill the position, noting requests you may have about culture fit or any other factors. We then customize our search, screening candidates to determine a range of technical capabilities and attributes that are tailored specifically to your needs for the position. Once we’ve narrowed down our search to the most qualified applicants, we use our proven recruiting process to determine which candidates would be the best overall fit. Once we’ve gone through this process, we’re able to present you with the best of the best blue chip candidates, meeting the customized specifications you provided and filling the available position. So what does all of this mean for you? We aren’t just going to find you any person who is moderately qualified to be your “temp” until you find a more permanent staffing solution. We’re going to find you a talented individual who fits your specific needs and will be a good fit for your team—and all within three days or less!

Call JenCor for Your Staffing Needs

We’re in the business of helping you—not selling. Our goal is to provide you comprehensive, efficient, customized staffing solutions so you can hire personnel with specific skills and experiences. We’re here to listen to you to understand what you need, then we get it done using our proven recruiting techniques. At JenCor, we find you talented people to fill the positions available at your company, and we do it fast. Call us at 240-498-4898 today to talk about staffing solutions for your company.
A few months ago, my IT team was in a real bind. We needed to find a candidate to fill a position FAST, but we needed someone with a specific skill set and level of experience. We were certain it was an impossible task, but JenCor was able to find us someone perfect for the position in just three days! I am so impressed by how well JenCor found us someone who had the qualifications we asked for and who was also a great fit with our team’s culture. I highly recommend contacting JenCor the next time you need to hire a new employee!
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